Friday, April 6, 2012


Returning to this blog feels like visiting an old friend. Our two KLR 650s have sat collecting dust just outside San Francisco since last September.

On the 18th of this month we will be dusting them off for a ride down the coast to L.A.

Some more interesting news is that we have been working on Mōtum, the Motorcycling, Adventure and Lifestyle magazine. It will be distributed through the Apple and Google newsstands starting very soon.

In the meantime you can go to our website to find our Facebook and twitter links for updated info and fun.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where would you go?

Quick trip from San Francisco to L.A? Where would you ride? Stay?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you had the time...

....and could hop on you bike today. Where would you ride to?

Met a Brian a few days ago here at Aviano coffee in Cherry Creek. He just got back from a South American ride on a KLR.

We are supposed to meet to discuss it more. But I'm always thinking of the next place to ride. So where would you go and why?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a simple yet amazing machine

Coffee shops are amazing places for people watching. This morning I'm sitting at the Starbucks at Northgate and I5 in Seattle wasting away a little time before pucking Jeska up at the airport.

This particular Starbucks is located in the same lot as a gas station. So not only do I get people watching but also car and motorcycle watching.

Its just fun to see what people are sloging to work in.  The econobox commuter high mileage no frills junk that just gets you there but does nothing else. Massive luxury SUVs that give you a pedicure and do your hair for you while you drive. Its all here.

So far my favorite it the 60 something in full race leathers on a literbike. Retired or CEO?  Some would probably call it his midlife crisis. I see a Guy that knows what he wants and is having fun with it.

Then of course there is me sitting her with my now stripped down KLR650 work horse. Thing has 30,000 miles on it and I know the odometer did not work for the last 2 years.  Something about this thumper "do it all" machine makes it kinda stand out against the morning commuter landscape.

I spent the last two days getting these bikes caught up on all their maintenance. Oil, batteries,chains, sprockets, etc. Such simple machines in the generatuon of quad turbocharged 16 cylinder supercars. Yet there is a certain beauty in the pure functionality and simplicity. Or...maybe its just that I cleaned some of the dirt off?

Probably time to finish my banana, save my phone battery and head to the airport. Should be interesting picking up Jeska and all her motorcycle gear on my little KLR.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So...I've got the wine part covered

I am officially on vacation! In a valiant attempt to clean out the fridge before departing, I'm feasting on salami, CSA veggies and fruit, wine, and chocolate tonight.

After some packing, some device syncing, and some more salami, I'll be off to sleep (lulled by my vino)--gotta rest up for my big day of travel tomorrow.


Flew into Seattle yesterday. Surprisingly, I'm only on my second Starbucks since my arrival. It was a classic "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" type of day yesterday. Car to the airport, flight to Seattle, Train to downtown, Bus to about a mile from the bikes, hike for the last mile with all my gear. Felt like I had done my Crossfit WOD by the time I got to the motorcycles. Did a quick safety inspection, made an inventory of stuff to fix before Jeska arrives Wednesday morning. Then packed my bike and went off to find a campsite for the night. First attempt was a fail. (could they have waited just one more night for me?)
Found another nice location just down the road at Dash Point. Realized pretty quickly the things I was missing. No lantern, no matches, no lighter. Oh....and it's the rain everything is wet! Fortunately for me the German family down the road from me, on their year long camping trip, was more prepared than I was! A little lighter fluid....okay...a LOT of lighter fluid and a lighter do wonders for getting wet wood to burn. Guess today will be another shopping trip at REI. MY dividend should be good this year!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Delay of game!

I got to Denver international airport at about 9:30 yesterday to fly out and start working on the bikes to make sure they were ready to go.

There are risks associated with flying standby. Long story short. I was still at the airport last night at 7:00 PM hoping for one last chance to get on the 9:10 flight.

Then it happened. The text that would delay the departure for a few days. It read "still want to trade?"

You see, fall is the perfect time of year to shop for motorcycles. I've ben craving a KTM950 Adventure and was determined not to spend money on it. I would rather trade my 2007 Yamaha R1 given the chance.

Love the R1! I've had it for 4 years and 20,000 miles. Time for something a little different.

So about two months ago I started spamming every KTM 950 for sale ad with the usual "Any interest in a R1?".

Motorcyclist are a strange bunch and many times the only reason a bike goes up for sale is so that they can get a different one. Find the right combination of want and you get a deal!

I bet I sent an email to 80 for sale ads over a two month period! Mostly people are rude and just never reply. Many are very nice and selling to buy a car, put a kid through college or looking for something else like an old "air head" BMW. In some cases I have actually become friends with some of the sellers and have exchanged dozens of emails about bikes and riding in general.

Had two serious offers to trade. Both happened to be local to me which is random but convenient. One was a good deal, good color, black, can't go wrong with black.

Guy led me on for weeks. Wants to trade, then doesn't. We went though at least 5 " I'm ready to make the deal" and then he backs out because someone 2,000 miles away responds to his craigslist ad with "more pics?"

Then, sitting in the airport that magical text comes through! This time he really is serious!!!!

I bailed from the airport and this morning I am typing this from Starbucks ... With my shiny black KTM Adventure parked right next to me!

Tomorrow I will get back to the airport to continue out motorcycle journey on the KLRs. The irony, I will probably be day dreaming on our coastal ride about being at home so I can ride the KTM...nah!